Are you thinking of Joining the Royal Marines of Wolverhampton and the Blackcountry?


We are the instinctive place to be for Royal Marines offering camaraderie, connections and practical support.

Once a marine always a marine.  As a former Royal you are more than welcome to our monthly meet up and hopefully you will join us regularly.  We have a full social calendar for this year and hope to do more next year.

For serving Royal Marines on leave in the area this is one run ashore you need to be on.

See you on Friday the 21st August at the Royal Airforce Association Building, 26 Goldthorn Road, Penn, Wolverhampton WV2 4PN.  See ‘Events’.

You get 10 times more out of the experience face to face than email, social media or phone and it’s easier than climbing the 30ft ropes.  Happy Days!

See “joining instructions”, at the top of the page!

30 ft ropes

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