Royal Marines Cadets

RM Cadet

Royal Marine Cadets

Acquiring the commando spirit

The Royal Marines Cadets is not officially a pre-service organisation for the Royal Marines; however some do go on to become modern-day commandos.

The experiences they gain at their young age remain with them they never forget the close comradeship and the commando spirit that they embrace.

They are a voluntary youth organisation and they are a registered charity.

The aim is to offer young people a sense of pride with a sense of values that are of the highest traditions of the Royal Marines.

Learn leadership and survival skills

The Royal Marine Cadets learn to become more self confident and they learn leadership and survival skills, which in turn teaches them the self-discipline they will need in the future.

Community values teach them to behave in an accountable and proper manor when going about their life’s responsibilities.

Each year they meet up at summer camp where they meet up with mates that they have met in the past. Some of them end up with a friendship bond for life.

Here they are overseen by experienced commando instructors.

They learn the basics of survival, how to light a fire in damp conditions, how to get food and cook it or make a mug of tea.

They learn to improve their physical capabilities while their bonds become stronger and stronger with their commando spirit.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

There are a lot of adult volunteers involved; they give their time feely to help the youngsters to improve their lives. Former service men and women offer special skills to help in their training.

In many cases the cadets grow up to be very intelligent young people; some go on to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

They have a wide range of activities that include running, endurance and agility tasks. They learn the importance of hygiene and cleanliness when people are in close contact with each other.

They do sports like swimming and football, and learn they about weapons and the techniques of the modern-day commando.

Eventually some cadets do join: The associations of the armed forces. It helps to keep former members in touch.

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