Branch Meetings

Branch Brief

The RMA was formed to maintain a link between the serving and retired members of the Corps.

The main aims of the RMA are:

  1. To maintain and promote esprit de corps and comradeship amongst all Royal Marines
  2. To keep members in touch with one another and the activities of the Corps
  3. Support for service charities that benefit Royal Marines, their families and dependants

Our Branch Modernisation Aims are:

  1. Emphasis on Social and Welfare
  2. Embrace the ‘Corps Family’ Concept
  3. Help Royal Marines and their families who are in need


Meet in our mess at 20:00 on the third Friday of every month at the Royal Air Force Association Club, Goldthorn Road, Wolverhampton.  New members are always welcome, come and have a yarn and a few wets in a smart, relaxed and social environment.  Whatever your perception is of a military association are, we ain’t it.

5 thoughts on “Branch Meetings

  1. gerald brittain

    I am trying to get the sevice records of a marine demobed in46 I have his certificates of service which have become hard to read and I would like some help .He died two years ago .He was a very good artist and painted pictures most of his life .I am trying to get his work reconised.I live in wellington hope you can help ex REME regular Sub.corp.

  2. matt collins


    Not sure if you can recall you did contact to about 18 months. I put an article in the express&star. I was raising money for the RMCTF by entering a team to do the Endurance course at Lympstone. Anyhow i am looking at running our very own charity/ challenge event on Cannock chase for the RMCTF maybe this year or next. I wanted to run some idea’s by you and your group maybe helping out in the way of volunteer’s etc etc. What you think. Please email if you are interested.

    cheers matt


    Chris will be attending Arboreteum on 26/05/2013 with two colleagues from Bristol could you please send times as would hate to turn up late. We are all RMA members and will have sufficient I.D If required.
    Chears Dave Haynes


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